The Blueberry Patch Gift Shop now carrying Children’s Books

By Maggie Die

The newest acquisition at the Blueberry Patch is children’s books. 

We have devoted a section of the shop to this newest acquisition and are fondly calling it “Grandmas Corner”.  The nick-name is inspired by the special bond we ourselves have had with our own grandmothers or the bond we are now creating with our newest generation.  What wonderful memories I have about reading with my grandmother!  What special times have been shared reading with my grandchildren and great grandchildren! How many of us have as our fondest memories reading to our children?  Now our customers can carryon or create their own memories.

Most of us working here at the Blueberry Patch are grandmothers or great-grandmothers.  Some of us are fortunate to have our families still living close to us. 

The marvelous thing about books is that they are easy to share across the miles whether we have books shipped or deliver them personally. And we at the Blueberry Patch are happy to ship books to any location.   Books make a treasured keepsake to give as gifts to brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, and of course grandkids, great grandkids.

We are thrilled to have them as a part of our store.   It has been so much fun with the families coming in, both our local customers and our visiting customers. The stories we have already heard about sharing books are as precious a story as the stories available to read.   Continually we hear, “This was a favorite and want to get it for ….” or, “Books are a treasured keepsake in our family and have been passed through the generations” or,  “This book has the quirkiest story” or, “The illustrations in this book are charming!”

Just to name a few of our book picks, the treasures that are being found are: story books, sticker books, pop up books, maze books, lift the flap books, activity books, board books, nature books, good night books, slide and see books, sound books, peek inside books, windup toy books, hardcover books, mind teaser books, books…. books…. books!

Books take us on adventures, help learn different words, introduce new ideas, develop the imagination, and discover new worlds.  Books make enduring night time story telling traditions, pass the time on a rainy day, keep us occupied, complete a fun playdate and so much more.

Books encourage, excite, engage, delight, and enrich our lives and encourage kids of all ages to read.  

If the Blueberry Patch does not yet carry your favorite title let us know and we will look into adding it to our collection.

See you soon!

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