Changing seasons bring fleeting wonder

November 1, 2015

While Boulder Junction is well known for its dramatic fall colors, a quiet beauty unfolds in the forest as winter approaches. Hilltop vistas, obscured by a season of underbrush, suddenly provide sweeping views. Overnight, early morning frost transforms grass into a wild sea of crystals that disappears with the rising sun. The shoreline becomes impossibly still, as if the lake is considering the prospect of ice to come.

This is a great time to visit a trail. You can pick up the Lumberjack Trail southeast of Boulder Junction, from a parking area off Old County K. It’s a designated mountain bike trail and it’s great for hiking too. You’ll find loops of 4.6 and 12.5 miles that skirt the edge of the Manitowish River, the Fishtrap Flowage and White Sand Lake. If you’re new to the trail, you can find more details at You can get a trail map there, as well as a trail map app that you can download on your phone.

Whether you head out for a loop on the Lumberjack or visit one of the many other excellent trails around Boulder Junction, you might want to consider bringing a camera along, or at least pausing a moment to take the beauty in. These moments pass too quickly.