Fish like a pro

May 15, 2019

Fishing season is here, and the Musky Capital of the World® is the perfect place to cast a line. While Boulder Junction draws many experienced fishermen seeking trophies, our quiet, productive waters are perfect for casual anglers or visitors who are new to fishing, too. Read on for some useful info from our knowledgeable fishing guides.

When’s the best time to go fishing in Boulder Junction?

Some would say anytime! But we have good news: early spring is an easy time to catch musky, according to our expert guides. Check out this video to see more tips on when to go fishing in Boulder Junction.

Why should I hire a fishing guide?

In short, a guide takes the guesswork out of fishing and increases the odds that you’ll catch a big fish. Watch the video below to learn more about hiring a guide.

For more info on hiring a guide:

How can I catch a big fish?

Start with these three sound pieces of advice.

  • When fishing for walleye, remember they’re never far away from their main food source, so that’s where you should fish.
  • Most lakes in the Boulder Junction area are home to bass—smallmouth are the most common, but there is a good population of largemouth as well.
  • Fish around shady areas or structures and use a lure that mimics what the bass are eating, like crayfish and minnows.

What’s the best bait to use in Boulder Junction?

Be sure to have the right tools in your tacklebox. Here are some baits that can help ensure success.

  • Fish for walleye with jigs and minnows.
  • For bass, jerkbaits and spinners work best.
  • When fishing for musky, use smaller baits in the spring and progress to bigger baits as fall approaches.
  • Northern pike are active nearly all day and will bite on almost anything, from jigs to buzzbaits to spinners.

Why is Boulder Junction the Musky Capital of the World®?

For starters, you’ll find 194 lakes within 10 miles of Boulder Junction. Many of these are Class A musky lakes, meaning they’re home to healthy populations of Wisconsin’s famously hard-to-catch fish.

Learn more about fishing in Boulder Junction with this video.