How to get started snowshoeing

November 26, 2018

New to snowshoeing? Here’s some great advice that will get you exploring Boulder Junction in no time, courtesy of Crescent Moon snowshoes. You can try this great brand of snowshoes out in Boulder Junction – Coontail Sports rents them.

Be prepared. Wear comfortable, layered clothing, including a bottom layer with wicking properties and a windproof, waterproof top layer. Wear socks made of wool or other moisture wicking material and comfortable, waterproof hiking boots or sport shoes and neoprene booties. And don’t forget your hat, gloves and hiking poles.

Bring lots of water and snacks. Snowshoeing takes a lot of energy. Be sure you don’t run out of steam.

Be safe. If you are going into the back country, be careful. Check local weather conditions before you go and be aware that conditions can change very quickly. Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Bring basic equipment, including a map, compass and first aid kit.

Be responsible. Your adventure should leave an impression on you, not the landscape. Crescent Moon believes in protecting and preserving our environment for all to enjoy—now and in the future.

Boulder Junction is a snowshoeing paradise, offering a number of excellent nature trails, as well as hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful Northwoods wilderness just waiting to be explored.

An assortment of nature trails allow snowshoeing all winter. The parking lots for these trails are plowed throughout the winter for the convenience of snowshoers.