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Reflexology with Jane

Busines Type: Health & Wellness

Address: 5453 Ada Street, PO Box 869, Boulder Junction, WI 54512

Phone: (417) 252-0330

Contact: Jane Thomas


A soothing treat for your feet or hands that balances the body, promotes deep relaxation and relieves stress and tension. It feels wonderful and is performed by a Certified Ingham Reflexologist.


Wednesday 8am-5pm by appointment only.
Located at Calming Stone Massage.


Disabled Access


I am

Jane Thomas
Naturopathic Doctor, Reflexology with Jane

Proud full-time resident for two years now! The beautiful scenery, the abundance of lakes, year-round outdoor recreation opportunities and the quiet serenity of the Northwoods is the perfect mix for the activities I enjoy … walking, biking, Pilates, healthy cooking, herbal medicine, reading, artistry and soap making.

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