Public Restroom Project at Sturm Memorial Field

July 25, 2019

Softball was the one constant no matter where Earl Sturm was. ‘Earl the Pearl’ as he was known, played on the Boulder senior team for another 15 years after his wife Evelyn’s passing, and earned two World Series rings from his senior league play in Florida. No doubt an ‘icon’ would describe his reputation in senior softball.

Earl passed in November of 2015. The following June his family honored his memory by dedicating the ballfield in Boulder Junction allowing for needed enhancements and improvements to be done to the field area.

In September, 2017 his daughters Linda and Janet spoke to many of the softball players, businesses and community leaders in Boulder about what may be other needed amenities to Sturm Memorial Field and adjacent park area. A public restroom was overwhelming the answer.

Who will benefit from this improvement? The users of the field and entire park including the playground, skateboard park, and basketball & tennis courts, as well as the bikers and users of the Heart of Vilas County Bike Trail whose trailhead is adjacent to the field – residents and visitors alike.

For more information and to donate please visit the Sturm Family website