Snowmobile Trail Report

February 28, 2020

Trail report for February 28, 2020 – Trails are fair to good overall. The present temp is 10 above zero and sunny. The last couple of days has been mostly cloudy with cooler temps. This has really saved our good conditions. We have been grooming and the trails have been turning out rather nice with the little snow we have. With the increase in traffic over the weekend and the warmer temps possibly in the 40’s the trails could degrade very quickly. The good conditions may not last very long. We will have to wait and see. The corners and other areas are getting bare and very icy. Road routes and crossing may be very bare. Please use caution! Remember to be safe, ride right, and enjoy the ride.

Jim (Hammy) Hamilton

BJSC President

March 7: Snowmobile Club Cabin Fever Party

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