Spring Fishing with Bob

By Theresa Smith

Monday, May 6 was my first day on the water for the season. It was a beautiful day with sunshine and a light breeze. I could not help noticing as I went to pick-up a fishing client the spring shining throughout the woods. It was great to see spring again in the Northwoods.

Today was going to be a maiden voyage for the boat and both of the fisherman so we decided to go easy and just fish for crappies and perch. The first time I put the boat in the water each year I seem to forget something to put back into the boat. This year was true to form. I forgot a rag to wipe hands and water in the cooler. Neither of these items deterred from the trip but it would have been nice to have. I did have a container of antiseptic wipes so we could clean our hands of the fish odor.

I launched the boat in a Boulder Junction area lake with ease even though I had not done the backing for a while. We had to get in the boat from the bow because most of the docks were not in yet do to our late winter. But no problem, and I did remember to put the plug in the boat!  Yea!! The water temperature was almost 48 degrees and warmed to over 50 as we fished.

The fishing was slow but productive as we fished for about 4 hours. We caught some early spawn crappies near the shore in structure. We caught about a dozen but only kept a couple for supper. We did manage to catch 3 crappies that were real nice and fat and 13 inches plus but we put these back so could spawn later. Along with the crappies we caught 4 Northern Pike and a nice perch. I kept the perch also for my wife since it is her favorite fish to eat. Everything was caught on a small jig and bobber tipped with a crappie minnow. It was a fun day and nice to get out on the water again.

I plan on fishing a lot starting this next weekend. I look forward to see you on the lakes this spring and summer. The open water fishing has begun in the Northwoods.    

Bob Bertch, Bob’s Manitowish Guide Service

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