Cabin, Resort and Vacation Home Availability

September 18, 2020

Boulder Junction is a quiet getaway offering solitude and relaxation. The following is a list of cabin, resort and vacation home openings for fall 2020.

Can’t find the dates you are looking for? Consider one of our motels as an alternative: Acorn Lodge, Boulder Bear Motor Lodge, Boulder Junction Motor Lodge, The Lodge

Bent’s Camp
Limited openings throughout the fall

Fishtrap Resort
October 10-November 1: Cabin #1

Junebug’s Lake Oswego Resort
Openings after October 7

La Bri
Openings after September 19 through the rest of the fall

Meadowlark Resort
September 19-26: Northern

Mean Arlene’s Rental
September 26-30
October 10-22
October 25-31

Murphy’s High Lake Cabins
September 19: Fern

Our Cabin Fever
October 1-4
October 29-November 1
All of November open – Hunters Welcome

Sunrise Resort
Limited openings throughout the fall

Sweet Emma’s Vacation Home
September 28-through October

White Birch Village Resort
Now-September 19: Bluebill
Now -September 19: Woodside
Now-September 20: Oriole
Now-September 23: Hillcrest
Now-October 4: Eagles Nest
September 19-October 1: Balsam Fir
September 20-24: Bullfrog
September 22-25: Red Oaks
September 22-30: Hummingbird Suite
September 25-30: Bears Den Suite
September 27-Oct 4: Musky
September 27-Oct 4: Bullfrog
September 28-October 4: Oriole
September 28-October 4: Red Oaks
September 26-October 4: Wren
September 26-October 4: Woodside
September 27-Oct 4: Mallard
September 29-October 4: Tadpole

Wildcat Cabins & Homes
October 20 and after: Pine Cabin

Wolf Bay Lodge
September 24-26
October 17-24
October 24-31