Boulder Junction Paddling Guide

June 20, 2019

Welcome to paddling paradise—there are 194 glacial lakes surrounding Boulder Junction and miles of wild and navigable rivers. Boulder Junction is a destination where families and casual paddlers can find relaxing Northwoods waters to enjoy and ambitious paddlers can find miles of wild rivers to explore. Here’s a guide to canoeing and kayaking in Boulder Junction.

Where to rent a boat

You don’t have to haul a canoe or kayak to Boulder Junction to get on the water. Coontail rents canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards and sells all the supplies you need to get on the water. Don’t forget about Schauss Woodworking, in Boulder Junction, for your rentals.

Where to get paddling gear

Our retailers have all the gear you need to get started. Head to Northern Highland Sports for those essentials that you might have left behind, like bug repellent or fishing gear. Coontail is another good bet for clothing and supplies to keep you comfortable on the water.

Where to get on the water in Boulder Junction

The paddling opportunities in and around Boulder Junction are practically endless. Here are some of the possibilities.

Manitowish River Paddling Trip 1 High Lake to Fishtrap Dam (7.5 miles)

Manitowish River paddling Trip 2 Fishtrap Dam to Highway K (6.1 miles)

Manitowish River paddling Highway 51 to Murray’s Landing (17 miles)

White Sand Lake to Trout River (19 miles)

Paddling gem: Allequash Lake (distances vary)

Hidden gem: Day Lake (distances vary)

An upcoming paddling event

Every spring, Boulder Junction hosts a paddle-bike-run event called the White Deer Triathlon. Join us for the fun!

Find inspiration

Need some paddling inspiration? Here’s a video that shows a bit of what it’s like to kayak in Boulder Junction.