Fall Birdwatching Hotspots

September 5, 2023

Boulder Junction boasts some excellent places for birdwatching; thanks to an abundance of land open to the public, including more than a dozen state natural areas. Here’s where you should bird this fall:

  • Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest: With over 236,000 acres of forest and 900 lakes within its boundaries, our local State Forest is one of the best places in northern Wisconsin to see bald eagles, as well as the rare gray jay and Nelson’s sharp-tailed sparrow.
  • Fallison Lake Trail: A true Northwoods gem, the trail features a variety of tree species that surround beautiful Fallison Lake. Many aquatic birds dwell there, including a loons and osprey.
  • Powell Marsh State Wildlife Area: A great wetland that provides birders with the chance to see many ducks species including Ring-necked ducks, and Hooded mergansers. In addition, many birds of pray are often seen in this area, including Northern harriers, Northern shrikes, and eagles.
  • North Lakeland Discovery Center Trails: Located in nearby Manitowish Waters, the North Lakeland Discovery Center trails provide the chance to see several woodpecker species, nuthatches, and kinglets. In the late fall, it is very likely to see Dark-eyed juncos on the property, also,

Are you a local bird enthusiast? Consider joining North Lakeland Discovery’s bird club. During the spring through late fall, the Discovery Center’s bird club meets for weekly group outings to many local birding hotspots. Find out how to join here.

Not sure where to find birds, what type, or how you can help encourage bird habitat growth? There are also some great resources provided by the WI DNR that can be found here.

Have fun getting out to enjoy the beauty of Fall and our feathered friends!