Fall birdwatching hotspots

October 15, 2019

Boulder Junction boasts some excellent places for birdwatching, thanks to an abundance of land open to the public, including more than a dozen state natural areas. Here’s where you should bird this fall:

  • Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest: One of the best places in northern Wisconsin to see bald eagles, as well as the rare gray jay and Nelson’s sharptailed sparrow.
  • Fallison Lake Trail: A true Northwoods gem, the trail features a variety of tree species including eagles, loons and osprey.
  • Powell Marsh State Wildlife Area: A great wetland that provides birders with the chance to see yellow rail, LeConte’s sparrow, short-eared owl, American bittern and more.
  • Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area: Encompassing many small lakes and uplands, giving you a chance to see a wide range of birds including loons, osprey and a variety of warblers.