Fishing 101: When to go fishing

May 7, 2018

Boulder Junction is a great destination for your first (or next) fishing trip, but there are a few things you should know before you head out on the water in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Our Fishing 101 series is here to help!

When’s a good time to go fishing? Anytime you can, really! But according to our expert guides:

  • The fishing is good all day early in the spring and later in the fall in northern Wisconsin.
  • In mid-summer, they recommend fishing early in the day or in the evening, avoiding midday.
  • Overcast days are also great for summer fishing.

Our experts also offered up some musky fishing tips:

  • The best time to catch a big musky in Vilas County is in the fall, but the easiest time to catch any musky is in the spring, right after they spawn.
  • Use a smaller bait earlier in the year. Save the big baits for late summer and fall when they’re most enticing to musky.

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