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How to Find a Ghost Deer

November 8, 2023

Boulder Junction is home to a population of “ghost deer,”  albino deer that call the forest here home. While albino deer are incredibly rare, they are a frequent sight in Boulder Junction—they’re not hunted and are free to roam the surrounding forest. Here are some tips to increase the odds of seeing one of these magical creatures.

Tip 1: Look at Dawn and Dusk

The best time to spot a ghost deer is when they are on the move: good bets are at dawn and dusk when the deer search for food.

Tip 2: Explore Trails

Head to where these creatures live—the forest. Boulder Junction is home to some great trails that will take you deep into the forest while keeping you on public land. A good trail near Boulder Junction is the Lumberjack Trail.

Tip 3: Find a Brown Deer

White deer appear special and unique to humans, but as far as they are concerned, they are just deer. You’ll see them mingling with common whitetail deer, so if you spot a brown deer, keep looking. A ghost deer could be nearby.

Tip 3: Have Patience

Although they are common, it may take you a while to spot your first ghost deer. Relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

Tip 4: Heads Up!

Keep your eyes open. You may spot your first white deer deep in the forest, or you may see it cutting through our downtown or wandering on the back lawn of our lodging properties. Just make sure your camera is ready!