White Birch Village 37

Summer means awesome musky action

July 30, 2018

Summer is when the water is warm in northern Wisconsin and every fish is feeding heavily–including musky. The best musky baits to use are the same as in spring: bucktails and crankbaits. However, in the summer, when the water is at its highest temperature of the year, you should be using bigger lures and retrieving them faster and with more action.

Summer is also a good time to use baits known as “swimbaits.” These versatile musky baits can be fished like jigs, crankbaits or jerkbaits. These sinking baits have the special advantage of allowing you to really control how deep you are fishing the lure. For enticing muskies suspended over deep water, nothing beats a swimbait.

Big bucktails can be as long as 14 inches. Jumbo crankbaits can top one foot in length. Swimbaits weigh a ton. Casting these giant musky baits can give you a good workout. Use an eight-foot, heavy action rod. The long rod will give you good casting power and the heavy action will help with retrieving the big, beefy baits.

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