We are Boulder Junction

April 3, 2020

On Facebook, we recently asked people to share what they think makes Boulder Junction unique and we were blown away by their responses! Here’s a sample of what people shared about Boulder Junction.

“A community of love. How could you choose one business or one person? All the businesses & all the people of BJ make our community GREAT! Boulder Junction proud!” – Josie A.

“Getting caught in a snowstorm at the Acorn Lodge at Christmas time and the friendly owners having hot chocolate with us by the Christmas tree and fireplace.” – Shawn P.

“Nature, no chain stores, unique places. Lots of great lakes for fishing. I’ve fished over 60 of them in the area. Beautiful scenery. Caught well over 150 muskies in the 37 years there and numerous other fish. It’s just a great place to unwind.” – Chris M.

“Coming up to Camp Holiday for 35 years, I just love the area, and the small-town atmosphere, plus all the events during the summer.” – David G.

“The Vehrs family at Camp Holiday. Jerry, Andy and their German Shepherd Sarge. Musky fishing on Wildcat and Round lakes. Deer hunting, making friends with people that hunted Bear Lake Road. Life was never better.” – Monty P.

“Our dear friends own Big Bear Hideaway and since then we’ve been coming every year to enjoy your “heaven on earth” and to enjoy the tranquility the Northwoods brings.” – Janel F-B

“We’ve been coming to Jag Lake for generations! It’s our family’s favorite vacation, just like when I was a kid!” – Barb Q.

“We would vacation at Cattail Cove when I was young and later at Gaspars Cabins! I remember the 4th of July parades and bears at the dump and blueberry donuts from the bakery back in the day!” – Sandy M.