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Why Boulder Junction is a great fishing destination

July 21, 2021

Boulder Junction is a fishing destination like no other. Come see why we’ve got some of the best angling opportunities in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

There are lots of lakes to explore.

Boulder Junction is surrounded by lakes—there are nearly 200 within a 10-mile radius of downtown—so it’s easy to find new fishing waters. Whether you’re exploring sprawling bodies of water like the 3,800-acre Trout Lake (home to musky, panfish, smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye and (of course) lake trout or smaller waters like Little Crooked Lake (a 150-acre lake with a healthy population of panfish, walleye and musky) you’ll find lots of public-access lakes to explore in our charming corner of northern Wisconsin.

Also, many of Boulder Junction’s resorts, cabins and other lodging properties sit beside beautiful Northwoods lakes, so casting a line is as easy as waking out your front door. (Several lodging properties also offer the use of boats to their guests.)

It’s in our history.

Boulder Junction has been welcoming anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to Vilas County for generations, and many fishing fans come back year after year to track down bass, walleye, panfish and even the elusive musky.

Speaking of Esox masquinongy (our fishy friend’s scientific name), did you know that Boulder Junction is recognized as the official Musky Capital of the World®? It’s true—we’ve got an official patent on it and everything. Of those nearly 200 lakes we mentioned before, several dozen are Class A musky waters, meaning they’re the best of the best for tracking down a trophy fish.

Even if you’re not fishing, you’ll see musky all over our community (including the new musky statue outside the Chamber of Commerce office on Hwy M) and in celebrations like the annual Musky Jamboree in August.

We can help you find the fish.

Boulder Junction’s fishing tradition lives on in the knowledgeable, experienced fishing guides you’ll find here. Our guides will take care of the logistics for your fishing trip and give you invaluable guidance no matter what you’re casting for. Learn more about Boulder Junction’s fishing guides and find contact information here.

Never been fishing before or just need to brush up on your technique? Check out our Fishing 101 video series (featuring many of Boulder Junction’s helpful guides) for some tips and tricks.

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