Snowmobiling in Boulder Junction Wisconsin

Boulder Junction Snowmobile Routes

December 14, 2022

Boulder Junction is the perfect home base for your snowmobiling adventures in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The area is home to more than 125 miles of expertly groomed trails, so there’s no shortage of places to explore—here are some ideas on where to ride.

Presque Isle/Winchester Loop

Explore Boulder Junction’s neighbors to the north and west on this fun, scenic trip. From downtown Boulder Junction, follow Trail #15 north as it mostly follows County Highway M—the trail takes a slight jog east to cut between Oswego Lake and Fishtrap Lake. At trail sign 881, take a left to head toward Trail #6, which follows County Highway B. Take a left on the trail and follow Trail #6, which will take you into Presque Isle and past several scenic lakes, including Lynx Lake and Presque Isle Lake. Continue on Trail #6, which skirts the southeastern edge of Winchester, until you hit Trail #2, then head back east. Trail #2 roughly follows the path of County Highway K back into downtown Boulder Junction.

Total distance: Approximately 50 miles

Star Lake Loop

This loop passes by some of the scenic lakes to the south and east of Boulder Junction and is another good option for a snowmobiling day trip in northern Wisconsin. From Boulder Junction, head south on Trail #15, which passes by Allequash Lake east of County Highway M. When you reach the intersection with Trail #11, head east along a winding trail that takes you past several lakes, including Star Lake, Lone Tree Lake and Little Star Lake. Once you get to the community of Star Lake, head north along Trail #8 which cuts west at Nixon Lake Road and passes the north shore of White Sand Lake on your way back into downtown Boulder Junction.

Total distance: Approximately 40 miles

Full trail maps are available at restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations and other retailers throughout Boulder Junction, as well as at the Boulder Junction Chamber of Commerce.

Looking for some great places to stop along the route? Head to these restaurants and taverns for a quick warm-up on your ride or to find some great food after a day on the trails.

And don’t forget to download the valuable (and free) Map It Vilas County trails app, which helps riders navigate the Northwoods’ snowmobile trails—even if you don’t have a cell signal.

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