Girl eating ice cream at Ice Shanty Drive-In Boulder Junction Wisconsin

I Am Boulder Junction: Why we’re a great family vacation destination

January 26, 2024

Meet the people who make Boulder Junction a great place to live, play, and stay. “I Am Boulder Junction” highlights the stories and personalities of our local business owners and community members and the welcoming spirit and boundless enthusiasm for the Northwoods you’ll find on your next visit here.

Boulder Junction—situated in the heart of Vilas County in Wisconsin’s Northwoods—is an ideal destination for a family vacation, home to miles upon miles of bike trails, great fishing opportunities, hundreds of scenic lakes, great places to eat, and welcoming hotels, lodges, and resorts.

We asked a few of our business owners why they think this corner of the Northwoods is the perfect place for a family getaway—here’s what they had to say:

  • Jennifer Avery, Camp Holiday Campground: “Boulder Junction is a wonderful vacation destination for families just based on the location where we are in the Northwoods. And Boulder Junction has so many restaurants and shops for being such a small town. … There’s also horseback riding, you can go hiking, and boating, it’s just an unlimited amount of things to do for families.”
  • Sonny Wuestenhagen, Grassy Creek Ranch: “There’s such a draw of watersports, biking, of course horseback riding, golf—I mean, anything you think of as an activity for outdoors, Boulder Junction provides it… including ice cream.”
  • Ron Reinowski, The Ice Shanty: “We have families that come multiple times a day, we have individuals that come the same time every week. …. We’ve had families come in that say ‘Do you realize that there’s four generations here tonight eating ice cream? And they’ve all eaten here, and by the way, two of them—two generations—have actually worked here in the past.’ So it’s very interesting to see that happen.”
  • Stephen Coon, Coontail Adventures: We’re always willing to help, that’s the main thing, whether somebody’s looking to rent or purchase something or they just need suggestions on where to go, whether it’s to eat, to paddle, to bike, to hike. We always like sharing little tidbits of knowledge so when people come in, we can be a guide to them in the area and show them where to go to have a good time.”

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