Where to ice fish in Boulder Junction

February 12, 2019

Boulder Junction is a classic ice fishing destination. There’s a lot to love about fishing in Boulder Junction. For starters, it’s the Musky Capital of the World. There are also an incredible 194 lakes within 10 miles of downtown. The ice fishing options are nearly endless, and the lakes around Boulder Junction are beautiful and well stocked. On Feb. 17-19 be sure to join the fun at the Frozen Tozen ice fishing tournament on Boulder Lake.

There are developed lakes with easy access around Boulder Junction, as well as remote lakes in the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest that are surrounded by nothing but trees. Some of these forest lakes might take a bit more effort to reach, but when you arrive you may discover you have the ice all to yourself. Here are some classic Boulder Junction ice fishing lakes:

Allequash Lake

This 406-acre lake is located about five miles south of Boulder Junction. It’s loaded with panfish and musky. There lake is located just east of County M and is surrounded by forest – as is the case with many undeveloped waters, be prepared to hike a bit. There is a boat landing here; description makes it sound like you have to park and walk through the woods to get there

Little John Lake

South of Allequash is another little gem of a lake. Little John covers just 151 acres but holds musky, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, trout and walleye.

Partridge Lake

In the forest east of Boulder Junction, you’ll find Partridge Lake, 235-acre lake that’s a hotspot for bluegill.

Fawn Lake

This lake is pretty small at just 70 acres, but great lakes sometimes come in small packages – the lake is loaded with crappie. It’s located west of Boulder Junction and is part of the 10-lake Manitowish Chain O’ Lakes.

Boulder Lake

Not every great lake requires a trek into the backcountry. Located in Boulder Junction, 516-acre Boulder Lake is accessible via two landings and is rich in walleye. It’s also a jig’s throw away from lodging and dining spots in town.