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Cross-country skiing for beginners

December 10, 2022

Boulder Junction is a perfect place to experience the wonders of cross-country skiing. New to the sport? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Hold the poles loosely
It sounds simple (and it is), but this one’s important: be sure the grip of the pole fits comfortably in your hands so you can push off comfortable, and that the strap is looped under your palm.

Baby steps
Start by walking around your boots while using the poles. Get a feel for the rhythm of the polling motion.

Find a flat place to practice the skiing motion. Take it easy – just try to find a rhythm with the skis and poles.

Practice falling
Yes, you will fall. And yes, it’s a good idea to practice falling. Just bend your knees and lower yourself to the ground. This is something you can – and should – do when you are going downhill and feel you are starting to lose control of your speed.

Downhill run
Find a small hill – make sure it has a very gradual slope – and practice your hill technique. Keep your knees flexed and your poles behind you as you glide down the hill. On your way back up, walk with your skis in a herringbone pattern. Practice the above until you are comfortable and feel confident enough to hit the trails.

Ready for your first excursion? Learn more about Boulder Junction’s cross-country ski trails here.